Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zinsser's BIN Primer Proves Itself Again and Again, or: THE BEST PRIMER EVER!!!!

First of all, it's important to note the subhead of this blog post "The Best Primer Ever!!!!" is not base upon scientific evaluation....just our opinions and experiences here at Red Canary revolving around needing a problem-solving primer for trouble interior areas.....and Zinsser's BIN Primer: Ultimate Stain Blocker has time and again been the superhero for the job!

.....and we must dually note that it is definitely not a low VOC option but it has the best stain blocking and sealing properties of any primer we have used (be sure to wear an approved respirator when using Zinsser's BIN Ulitmate Stain Blocker).

Zinsser's BIN Ultimate stain blocker is perfect for priming areas before repairing, sealing lightly cracked paint (that has been properly prepared and is not peeling or chipping), blocking odors such as cat urine on surfaces such as wood, concrete and drywall, it also blocks marker, crayon, blood, vomit, ink...the list goes on and on...we've used it to cover almost every type of problem area...with no problem!!!

If you have a need for a heavy-duty primer, this product may be what it takes to do the trick--be sure to seek out the red can (it's the shellac-based primer). Also, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning of equipment and disposal of roller covers, paint cans, rags, etc). Zinsser also has a wide variety of other primers--including latex primers. Be sure to seek out the primer that best suits your project needs.

If you have any questions about the priming project you are about to tackle...from preparation to proper product selection or finding someone to handle that project for you, feel free to give your painting professionals at Red Canary a call...estimates are always free and if we can't answer your questions or do the job for you, we'll help you find a resource that can.

Here at Red Canary, we are always excited to share our personal experiences and tips regarding a variety of paints, primers and other painting-related tools and products. Zinsser's BIN primer is definitely one of the products we like to's not only the "superhero" of primers, it's nearly along the lines of "miracle worker." Best of luck to you and your projects!

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